"It IS all about the TASTE"
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  • Steak Au Poivre

    Post # 1000, Over three years of research, testing, writing, photography, over 15 pounds on my waist, and untold pounds on the other denizens of the lair. Being banned from a client’s office during “cookie season”, being invited to play guest chef at various little out of the way restaurants, having my dinner companions embarrassed as I asked to speak to the chef, having other dinner companions thrilled as the chef joins us at the tale to discuss his craft, having culinary challenges tossed to me from many directions, It has been GREAT, just now I need to figure out want to do for post 10,000…

    And I am going to have a steak tonight

    My favorite Steak, Au Poivre. Top Shelf quality steak, cooked to a nice crisp crust,studded with pieces of cracked pepper and crystals of sea salt, with a juicy interior, and a rich pepper corn sauce on the side for dipping.


    Steak au poivre (pepper steak) is a French dish that consists of a steak, (usually filet mignon), coated with loosely cracked peppercorns and then cooked. The peppercorns form a crust on the steak when cooked and provide a pungent but complementary counterpoint to the rich flavor of the high-quality beef. The peppercorn crust itself is made by placing the steak in a bed of cracked black peppercorns, and sea salt. The steak is seared in a hot skillet with a small amount of butter to cook it, at a high temperature that cooks the outside quickly and forms the crust while leaving the interior rare to medium rare. The steak is then rested for several minutes and then served.

    Often accompanied by a pan sauce consisting of reduced cognac, heavy cream, and the fond from the bottom of the pan. A classic side dish to steak au poivre would be pommes frites (small fried shoestring potatoes).

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  • Shaken, Not Stirred..

    I am on assignment traveling. Currently in London, a stones’ throw from Buckingham Palace, At a glorious hotel / club call St. James. It is truly the James Bond experience, at least from the books, nothing in real life resembles the movies. How true to the “Bond” thing is it. To quote from their information ”

    During the 2nd World War the Club has briefly the home of Ian Flemming, the creator of James Bond. …..

    In 1981 the St. James Club opened by Peter de Savary, in partnership with Sir Sean Connery and Sir Michael Cane.

    With all that history, and the jet lag I can only post a method for the Bond Martini…

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