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  • Ageing Beef


    I recently found a recipe for “Classic Roast Beef.” The recipe called for an eye round roast — a cut that is a bit bland and typically lacks the marbling of fat that makes for a tender and juicy roast. You can make up for the lack of juiciness and flavor, in part, with a good gravy (which the recipe provided) but producing a tender roast requires more work. Or, more specifically, more time.

    Aging beef increases its tenderness and juiciness. It’s a simple process that can take a fair roast to very good — and a good roast to excellent. All it requires is a bit of planning and the willingness to throw away a bit of otherwise perfectly good meat.
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  • Prawn Cocktail

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    A perfect side to a good beef roast …
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  • Prime (Standing) Rib Roast


    One of the more classic Christmas dinners, Prime Rib Roast…

    For a generous serving of prime rib/standing rib roast, figure on two people per rib. That means if you plan to serve six (6) people, you should be able to do so with a three rib roast; eight (8) people, four ribs. Don’t even bother with less than a two-rib roast, any less than that is not a roast but rather a thick steak and would be better treated as such.
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  • Twice Cooked Mashed Potates


    An essential side that goes soo well with soo many things… That can be screwed up in soo many ways …
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  • Challah, Two Day Challah

    Challah Bread Recipe, (The Long Sloow Rise.)


    I never ate challah, in fact I could not SPELL challah, until I began a consulting engagement with a chassidic e-tailer. Out of interest, self-defense and training in the fine art of team building, I began to learn Yiddish, and the fine art of kosher cooking. Being a goy, I can never REALLY cook kosher, but it does make for interesting conversations and intriguing attempts. One of the cornerstones of home and hearth in a jewish household is the shabbos meal, and of that meal the bread, (challah) plays a large roll..
    This challah takes two days to make – not all active. There are three major components (soaker, sponge, and dough).
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