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  • Knives, Some of my most favorite things



    “Knife sharpening is hard.”
    “Sharpening is too difficult and time consuming to do at home.”
    “Send your knives to a professional sharpener once a year and you will be fine.”
    “You have to spend hours hunched over a heavy hone slathered with oil.”

    This well-intentioned advice is repeated in cooking schools, Food Network television programs, (we all KNOW, what I think of them)professional manuals and cookbooks. And it is just plain wrong.

    Well, maybe not so much wrong as mindless.
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  • Ciabatta


    Prep:24 hrs plus 4 1/2 hrs, Cook

    Preparation – Challenging
    Makes 2 medium-sized loaves.

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  • Smokey tumbled Potatoes


    The word “revolconas” means tumbled, or rolled over, and here it probably refers to the act of mashing up the potatoes. The dish is a specialty of Spain , where the potatoes are mixed with oil flavored with garlic and the local paprika, pimenton de la Vera. This gives the dish a rusty hue and an addictively dusky taste. Bacon or chorizo bits are sometimes mixed in as well. After being mashed, the potatoes are shaped into a cake and served as an appetizer (or a poor man’s main dish), though they definitely make a welcome side dish. Smoked pimenton is essential here; it is available at better food shops and by mail order.
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  • Broccoli With Chili Oil


    Chili Oil

    Enough for 1-1/2 bunches (about 4 stalks) of steamed broccoli

    My daughter, said the broccoli with chili oil was a sensation at a Buddhist breakfast. I suppose you could say this got rave reviews from vegetable experts.

    How much of the white vein-like material that holds the seeds in the pepper you include determines the heat imparted by the pepper.
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  • Mac and Cheese

    Serves 4 and doubles easily.
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  • Cheesy Bread


    One of my favorite dishes that usually makes an appearance at a large gathering is this “cheesy bread”, a sort of cross between garlic bread and pizza. It’s a great way to help feed a lot of hungry people, and easy to pull together, even at the last minute.
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