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  • Koolsla, Coleslaw, Cold Slaw or Cole Slaw

    The Dutch word koolsla (“sliced or chopped cabbage”) ended up in American English more or less as it sounded, as coleslaw or cole slaw, but folk etymology has made it cold slaw.

    However you spell or pronounce it, this creamy, tangy, sweet, dish of cabbage, onion and carrots is a standard for American cookouts.

    There are many recipes, many variations, and many ways to do make this salad. I’ll start with a standard…
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  • Pulled BBQ Sandwiches

    Pulled BBQ sandwiches are a specialty. The meat just shreds apart after its done, and the smoky flavor is incredible. It’s best to brine the meat overnight to help it retain moisture during smoking, but it’s not necessary. Rub the meat before smoking with a very spicy dry rub. Use a mixture wood of chips for a spectacular taste. When it’s done, shred it apart, add some sauce and serve on a bun. Authentic pit barbecue!
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  • Brine for Smoking

    This is a basic brine recipe to prepare meats or fish for smoking. Soak for a minimum of several hours, or overnight. Make certain the meat is fully submerged in the brine.


    Quan Meas Ingredient Comment
    1/2 Cup Kosher Salt
    1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
    4 Cups Unfiltered Apple Juice
    1/2 TSB Red Pepper Flakes
    1 Lb Ice


    In a pot, combine the salt, sugar juice and pepper flakes Warm until all the salt and sugar is dissolved, and add ice to chill. Then pour this mixture over the meat. Soak for several hours in the fridge, or overnight.

  • Aromatics (Mirepoix, Trinity, Asian)

    Aromatics are simply vegetables that have a lot of flavor and aroma that can persist throughout long cooking times. Different regions of the world have different combinations that are traditional, but the concept is always the same: create a flavor base that you can build on with other ingredients.
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  • Vegetable Stir-Fry

    Ok, so I am a food shop-aholic. I love the smell of fresh herbs, the feel of fresh vegetables, the taste of crisp flavorful veggies hot from the pan. It all smells delicious!

    While walking thorough the Produce section of the local supermarket, I was grabbed and assaulted by baby zucchini, and pummeled by some unruly long beans and berated by snow peas. There was only one thing to do …

    Grab my skillet, tongs, chef’s knife, and yell, STIR FRY!
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  • Stir Fry

    Stir-frying is an Asian technique for cooking meat and vegetables quickly, so that they retain texture and flavor. Stir-frying typically involves a quick sauté over high heat, occasionally followed by a brief steam in a flavored sauce. (consider stir-frying the Asian equivalent to the Saute).
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