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  • Party Planning – Bar

    Bar Planner

    Here are our suggestions for an event.

    Make sure you always have enough drinks on-hand for your guests. Here’s

    What is one drink? One drink is equal to …

    • 1.5 ounces of liquor
    • 5 ounces of wine, or
    • one 12 ounce beer.

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  • Snacks…. Nuts and Snacks…. With Spices ….

    Ok more and more party fare. Little munchies, like cocktail peanuts but with taste and kick…

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  • Black Bean Salsa

    Again, It is the start of the Bad Wolf / Rogue Chef dinning season, and I will need to accommodate any number of tastes and culinary regimens. This is a quick and good little salsa, just stuffed with beans, corn, tomatoes, and maybe a little bit of chili’s for a bit of a taste. This should work for the milder side of the vegetarian culture

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  • Fromage Fort (Strong Cheese)

    Ok, now we have all those wonderful breads, what do we serve them with….

    As I know I will have a couple of different cheese boards, I know I will have a number of different cheeses, now how to make something of those. An easy solution is to blend them all together to make a unique cheese spread. The little end pieces of Brie, Cheddar, farmer cheese, chevre, Roquefort, Mozzarella, and scores of other cheeses can be quickly transformed into a tasty mixture which the French call fromage fort (strong cheese).

    This cheese spread will turn out different every time you make it because you always use different cheeses. Try to balance the types of cheese you use.

    Fromage fort is traditionally made from leftover cheeses that were mixed together then allowed to ferment in liquid such as milk or vegetable broth. Fromage fort is still made in France, but usually with just one cheese, which is based by the region.

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  • Jalapeno / Cheese Bread

    Damn, I really must eat breakfast, before posting. I am starving and the cheese bread my office mate is devouring, with great smacking of lips and sounds of pleasure, is making me consider knocking him in the head and stealing his bread…

    Now, if it had a bit more of a kick, it MIGHT be rogue chef ready..
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  • Cheese – Beer Bread

    With the rapid approach of my annual food fest / bar and grill opening / birthday party, I need to get cracking on the contents of said event.

    Fresh home made bread is always a hit. Now let’s make it a Rogue Chef loaf.

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