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  • Hot and Sour Soup


    An Asian classic and a raging favorite around the wolf’s lair. Specially made for cold weather, the power of a good chicken stock, and the bite of fresh ginger, and a touch of chili make a fearsome opponent for the achy-bakey feeling and dripping noses. The prefect starter for an Asian styled dinner, or with the addition of cooked chicken, and fried wonton skin strips can be the whole meal.

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  • Asian (Thai) Style Chicken Stock


    A good rich stock is just about liquid gold for the production of good soups, gravies, noodles, just about anything. This is a twist on my standard stock that adds an Asian taste to the stock. This would be a natural for the Chicken and Coconut soup, or as the broth component of a chicken curry, or as a broth for Thai noodles …

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  • Bananas in Coconut Milk


    This simple, but tasty sweet is fully vegetarian and is a very common Thai dessert. The main ingredients are bananas and coconut milk.

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  • Chicken and Coconut Soup “Tom Kah Gai”


    One of those stupid simple to prepare, but twistedly complex to prepare well, recipes. The mixture of sweet and savory, with a hint of salt and spice. As with all Thai dishes, balance is the key to an outstanding preparation.

    This recipe uses chicken, but any meat can be substituted, and can be served as part of a meal, or can be the meal itself. One MIGHT venture to use a RICH vegetable broth and marinated / frozen tofu to generate a “vegetarian” dish. Unfortunately, I’ve ran out of vegetarians to test this on, the last one went mano-a-mano with my wasabi, ginger, horseradish sauce ….

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  • Ginger, Wasabi Cocktail Sauce


    Truly a Rogue Chef special, this shrimp cocktail sauce takes the traditional appetizer, and adds an Oriental flair. It can be adjusted from a nice mild red sauce to a mind blowing, sinus burning, wild chili sauce… Absolutely a must for a Rogue Chef dinner…

    Do taste the horseradish and wasabi sauces alone before starting the mix as tastes and strengths to vary.

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  • Wasabi Ginger Horseradish Sauce


    This horseradish sauce recipe is a simple to make, and adds a oriental taste to a classical cold sauce for Prime Rib. Do taste the horseradish alone before starting the mix as tastes and strengths to vary.

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