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  • Noodles with Garlic Butter Sauce

    Today is filled with Doctors appointments, glasses fittings, door measuring, shopping and contractor interviewing, so I need to do a good decent meal with a minimal amount of time. I event started to order take-out Chinese, but Madam Bad Wolf mentioned that she believed I could do better…

    Ok, the challenge is down. Fast and filling, savory and simple, Noodles seem to fit the bill. But with a bit of a twist, say butter, ginger, garlic, and maybe a bit of scallion, with a hint of chili.

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  • Cheeseburger Mac Casserole

    The Lady of Bad Wolf Manor has had be busy all day dealing with preparing the estate for winter. Wood to be split and stacked, downed trees to be cut up, leaves to be raked, etc, etc, etc. The 1000 things that come with owning something other than the keys to a condo…

    There has been little time to shop or cook so I am limited to what is present in the pantry and fridge. It needs to be hearty, tasty, and above all require little or no extensive preparation.

    I have pasta, I have cheese, and it looks like I have some chuck steak, so it looks like a cheeseburger n mac casserole…

    A couple of things here. I do NOT buy ground beef, I like to KNOW what I am eating, so see my tirade on the meat industry, and see my post on Ground Beef – Make your own. No I’ve not gone Slow Foods, I have gone healthy foods, and tasty foods…

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  • Spicy Basil Chicken wih eggplant


    Having retreated upstate to recover from the party preparations, the party and the data center rebuild, I find myself with the need to produce a number of decent dishes for the Lady of Bad Wolf Manor. For some reason the day of the party appeared to be the last day of Indian summer and it is now officially cold. So I’ll go with a spicy Thai dish.

    The local food mart had some very nice Eggplants, and Basil, I have hot peppers, I have garlic, sounds like a quick stir fry. I’ll chop up a breast or so and add that in. One might leave the chicken out and use soy sauce to replace the ubiquitous fish sauce, and have a quite delicious vegan meal…

    Really this is truly Thai soul food, so I might as well go all the way with sugar, fish sauce, the heat of the chili’s and the bitterness of the Basil for a flavor balancing….

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  • Jalapeno Wontons

    As I need a couple more snacks for the party, and I need to address the kosher, and vegan tastes I need a spicy, crunchy and meatless snack. For this I am thinking crispy, spicy, and gooey. Maybe a “Masquerade” in the form of veggies, folded into cheese, stuffed into a spicy Jalapeño pepper, wrapped in a wonton skin and then fried, and served with my sweet chili sauce…..

    Wikipedia says:

    A wonton is a type of dumpling commonly found in a number of Chinese cuisines.

    Cream cheese, jalapeño peppers, garlic and onion make these tasty appetizers.

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  • Brie Crisps / Crackers

    As we all know the Bad Wolf Birthday bash is fast approaching, and I have been elbows deep in data center builds, and system migrations.

    Time to get cracking, as it were, on the party dishes. I’ll need appetizers, chips, dips, and the like, (forgoing the usual Pulp Fiction quote) , and I need them fast. This is a very fast little number that has a very decent taste / texture and does not take 40 hours of preparation.

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  • Patisserie Du Méchant Loup – Peanut Butter Cookies

    Yes, my French is horrible…. But my cookies are great. Announcing the opening of the Bad Wolf Cookie Season, November 1, 2010. May your diets tremble…

    I leaned today that the favorite cookie of one of my favorite people was a peanut butter cookie. And she complained that they never put enough peanut butter into them… Well, I suppose I can handle that little issue, some fresh roasted and ground peanut butter, and a counter point of chocolate, just for a flavor boost

    I’ll roll out a recipe every week or so just to kick start the taste buds. As the has been a bit of whining from the unregistered user gallery about the cookies being less than exciting, the comment was “SOOOOOO BORRINNG!”, I’ll have to kick these up a notch.

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