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  • The Big Meal – Burger Night

    I’ve been relaxing at my upstate retreat, and have just returned to the lair. As always the denizens are milling around, some saying, “Did you get cat food, Did you get cat food”, the others saying, “Are you going to cook, Are you going to cook”.

    If people continue to be annoying, the cats will get the beef, and they will get the cat food over white rice meal.

    I’ll have mercy on all the above, go to the store and pickup some cat food, several pieces of good beef, some buns, lettuce, tomato, onions, several baking potatoes, and we’ll do a burger night.

    There are few dishes as versatile as the hamburger and it has made it’s way into trendy restaurants under the guise of gourmet food. These once noble burgers are showing up on menus pimped out with blue cheese dressing, pineapple, chilies, goat cheese, caviar, mushrooms and pesto.

    The real secret to ascending above the mediocrity of the masses, and delivering a truly divine burger is the same secret as all true gourmet dishes. Fresh, Simple, Splendid.

    Use the freshest ingredients, prepare them simply, for a splendid experience.
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