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  • Meatless Monday – Fromage Port

    As I know I like to make cheese boards, And I always end with bits and pieces of different cheeses, now how to make something of those. An easy solution is to blend them all together to make a unique cheese spread. The little end pieces of Brie, Cheddar, farmer cheese, chevre, Roquefort, Mozzarella, and scores of other cheeses can be quickly transformed into a tasty mixture which the French call fromage fort (strong cheese). As a twist I’ll use a port wine to add color and taste.

    This cheese spread will turn out different every time you make it because you always use different cheeses. Try to balance the types of cheese you use.

    Fromage fort is traditionally made from leftover cheeses that were mixed together then allowed to ferment in liquid such as milk or vegetable broth. Fromage fort is still made in France, but usually with just one cheese, which is based by the region.

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