"It IS all about the TASTE"
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  • Thursday’s BBQ – Burnt Ends and Beans

    This is a “side dish” for a BBQ. In reality, it is a main meal for two days after the BBQ.

    When one throws a BBQ, one goes big or one goes home, and going big means there will be left-overs, (it is planned that way). And once all the slices of brisket, skirt, or flanken are gone, what is left is a pool of flavorful grease, with bits and pieces of meat in it.

    Some people look at this, sigh, and toss it out. (Did I ever tell you some people are IDIOTS!!!).

    This is the very essence of a BBQ, the very distillation of meat, spice, and smoke. All it wants is something to stretch it out. And the most perfect, (almost designed by God), thing to do this is the pinto bean.

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