"It IS all about the TASTE"
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  • Wild Card – Grilled Potato Wedges

    Ok, back in town for another run of projects, work, and recipes. I have a bit of stuff left from the event, but I want something more, with a crisp bite, a creamy center, a hint of salt and great dipping sauce

    Now, potato wedges sound good, but I want GREAT!!! Let’s take those wedges and slap them onto a griddle, for a crispy, crunchy, crust, I’ll pre-boil them to get that creamy center, a quick grill on a hot grill and we are done. Now for bit more of a kick, a dollop of bacon drippings to toss the wedges in and add that special taste to the wedges. I’ll serve them up with a blue cheese dressing, or maybe a remoulade.

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