"It IS all about the TASTE"
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  • Jack Pull Apart

    The early spring weather has gone to late fall with the second snowfall of the year. Temperatures are more seasonal today, and have left me looking for more hearty soup. I’ll not use the word stoup as only a stup would do that..

    Alas a good hearty soup requires a hearty bread to accompany it. For this I am going to hijack a dish I say at a local bar / restaurant, a bole of bread cut in a hedgehog pattern, then stuffed with grated cheeses and dice pickled peppers, and brushed with a garlic, sage, butter sauce and baked to a crisp golden brown.

    Just so I an not a TOTAL plagiarist, I’ll make some changes, perhaps Monterrey jack cheese, and skip the butter, let’s grab the bacon drippings for that “Bacon makes everything taste better”, salty smokey goodness, and perhaps I’ll bless the drippings with several smashed cloves of garlic.
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  • Asian Chicken Soup


    Well, as much as I have fought, it has happened, I have my spring cold… Time to make it go away, with chicken soup, but just not any chicken soup, a sweet and spicy concoction from the pacific rim…

    One of those stupid simple to prepare, but twistedly complex to prepare well, recipes. The mixture of sweet and savory, with a hint of salt and spice. As with all Thai dishes, balance is the key to an outstanding preparation.

    This recipe uses chicken, but any meat can be substituted, and can be served as part of a meal, or can be the meal itself. One MIGHT venture to use a RICH vegetable broth and marinated / frozen tofu to generate a “vegetarian” dish.

    The addition of spring veggies, asparagus, baby peas, and new onions can make this a veritable feast to celebrate spring

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  • Onion Soup


    The weather is on again off again, cold one day hot the next night, prime time for colds, flues, pneumonia and and such

    Comfort food, what I crave when I do not feel right. (been doing that a good bit lately, chicken soup, chicken and dumplings, mac and cheese, etc ,etc), now one of my favorites is onion soup, and according to the French, you need a beef stock or brown stock to do this properly. Browned meat/bones and mire poix are roasted to take on a light caramelized brown color to make a brown stock.

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  • Meatless Monday – Sweet Salsa

    After the meat fest of Spring’12, it is time for something a bit lighter, but I do want taste, a hint of heat, and a kick of sweet…

    Thinking sweet, thinking sweet with a hint of spice to wake up the taste buds and emphasize the sweet. Now think cool, think crisp, and think of this salsa as a delicious addition to a meal with fish or seafood, pork, or chicken.

    Wikipedia says:

    Salsa may refer to any type of sauce. In American English, it usually refers to the spicy, often tomato based, hot sauces typical of Mexican and Central American cuisine, particularly those used as dips. In British English, the word typically refers to salsa cruda, which is common in Mexican, Spanish and Italian cuisine.

    Mango Salsa: a spicy-sweet sauce made from mangoes and used as a topping for nachos. It is often also used as a garnish on grilled chicken or grilled fish due to the sauce’s gamut of complementary flavors.

    Based on a mango salsa, this quick and easy salsa, is made with fresh peaches, mangos, jalapeños, lemon, ginger and mint, and goes perfectly with grilled meats.

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  • BBQ Fest 03/12

    For those who declined to participate ….

  • BlackJack Sauce


    In my youth a good night out included dinner at the Real Pit BBQ in Harker Heights, Texas. The owner / operator made a special BBQ sauce, called Black Jack. I remember all kinds of people trying to get the Recipe, to Include a U.S. Senator and Several Governors of the State of Texas.

    As these things go, I grew up and moved away, but did not forget that sauce. After a lot of trials and a lot of errors, I complained to my sister, that I just could not get that sauce right..

    Well seems, I have been upstaged in the Social Engineering department. My sister had gone to school with owner’s son and had actually helped them make the sauce on several occasions. The secret ingredient is… As I have said before:

    Again pit masters are a secretive about their bbq bean recipes as they are about their rub, and their sauce recipes. The items you will see in this blog are “GENERAL IDEAS“, my own recipes were given to me by my mother, grandmother, and great grand mother… I’ll hand these down to my children at some point.

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