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  • Recovery Part Duex (Chicken Soup)


    As spoken prior:

    As usual, the holidays are here, and between the weather, the Friday afternoon crisis, and the travel, I am ill. I need something to help clear my head, chest, and sooth my body.

    Time for soup, good soup, rich soup, with a flavor bite, and a deep rich presence. In short, comfort food.

    One of those stupid simple to prepare, but twistedly complex to prepare well, recipes. The mixture of sweet and savory, with a hint of salt and spice. As with all Thai dishes, balance is the key to an outstanding preparation.

    This recipe uses chicken, but any meat can be substituted, and can be served as part of a meal, or can be the meal itself. One MIGHT venture to use a RICH vegetable broth and marinated / frozen tofu to generate a “vegetarian” dish.

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  • Recovery

    As usual, the holidays are here, and between the weather, the Friday afternoon crisis, and the travel, I am ill. I need something to help clear my head, chest, and sooth my body.

    A bit of ginger as an aromatic to help loosen the crap in my head, and a fruit / sugar to help feed my body.

    After this has steeped and is ready, I’ll microwave this to a nice warm temperature (not boiling, just hot).

    Sounds like a job for Soojunggwa, as per wikipedia:

    ‘Sujeonggwa’ is a Korean traditional fruit punch. Dark reddish brown in color, it is made from dried persimmons, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn and is often garnished with pine nuts. The punch is made by brewing first the cinnamon, ginger and peppercorn at a slow boil. The solids are then removed for clarification and the remaining liquid is boiled again after adding either honey or brown sugar. The dried persimmons are cut into portions and are added to soak and soften after the brew has completely cooled. This is usually done several hours before serving, as extensive soaking of the fruit may thicken the clear liquid to a murky appearance.

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  • Angel’s Kiss


    So another Christmas has passed. I have returned to the lair and am preparing for the short week to come.

    I am soo not ready for that to happen, I just regained my holiday spirit, and now it’s pretty much over.

    Looking around I have a small selection of good chocolates, and I am looking for a light aperitif to go with them, something coffeeish, but creamy and with a kick. Rummageing around the bar I find some Kahlua, and in the fridge is some cream…

    Sounds like an Angle’s Kiss, or at least a wolf slobber …

    A layered (or “stacked”) drink, sometimes called a pousse-cafĂ©, is a kind of cocktail in which the slightly different densities of various liqueurs are used to create an array of colored layers, typically three to seven. The specific gravity of the liquid ingredients increases from top to bottom. Liqueurs with the most dissolved sugar and the least alcohol are densest and are put at the bottom. These include fruit juices and cream liqueurs. Those with the least water and the most alcohol, such as rum with 75% alcohol by volume, are floated on top.

    These drinks are made primarily for visual enjoyment rather than taste. They are sipped, sometimes through a silver straw, one liqueur at a time. The drink must be made and handled carefully to avoid mixing; however, some layered drinks, such as shooters, are generally drunk quickly.

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  • Happy Holidays from The Bad Wolf Pack

  • A Christmas Toddy


    As always, as I settle in for a winters nap, a server decided to take a crap…
    After several hours service was restored, but now I’m hyped and bored…
    Time for a tea and bourbon delight, just made to let me settle in for the night ..
    And as the kettle warms I find the time, to dig up this ancient rhyme..
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  • Tomato and Bacon Soup


    High winds, rain, not a day fit for man and beast, luckily I can curl up at the lair upstate and ignore the waeather.

    Time for Cold Weather Comfort Food. This is comfort food, but the stuff you really crave when the winds are howling, the rain is blowin, and nothing is moving on the streets… Soup is a natural, Onion Soup, (did that last storm), Chicken Soup, (did that Storm before last), Tomato, yeah, that’s a winner, but with basil, and Olive oil, and crust bread and cheese….

    This will be similar to to my stone cutters soup, but I’ll kick it up a notch with a bit of chili, and maybe some pancetta, or proscuttio, or maybe some thick chunks of browned bacon.

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