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  • Chicken Curry Salad Sandwich

    Posted on August 9th, 2012 admin No comments

    So combat / install / commissioning operations have halted, and once again the team has managed to defeat the Demon Murphy, and send him back to the land of chaos and confusion. As always with these operations I reach for high protein, energy food, like beef. At this point, I’m very beefed out… So beefed out, I’d refuse a steak. (Yes, I know this is like kicking Marlyn Monroe out of bed..)

    But I’m also veggied out as well, (This is like kicking Phylis Dyllar, out of bed…), so what does this leave…

    Chicken, chicken with a bit of smoke from the stove top smoker, and add some Indian spices a fresh blender mayonnaise, some finely chopped veggies, and serve on a nice ciabatta ..

    Chicken salad is any salad that comprises chicken as a main ingredient. In Europe and Asia this may be complemented by any number of dressings, or indeed no dressing at all and the salad constituent can vary from traditional leaves and vegetables, pastas, cous cous to noodles or rice.

    In the US it refers to a salad consisting primarily of chopped chicken meat and a fat-based binder such as mayonnaise or salad dressing. Like tuna salad, it is served as a creamy spread, and it is often used for sandwiches. Typically it is made with leftover or canned chicken in the United States.


    Quan Meas Ingredient Comment
    1 Lb Chicken Breast ~2, Smoked, (or oven roasted), diced
    1/2 Cup Celery Washed, Diced
    1 Cup Mayonnaise Make your own
    1/4 Cup Green Onions Washed, Sliced

    1/4 Cup Green Pepper Washed, Diced
    1 Inch Ginger Fresh Grated
    1/4 Cup Mixed Herbs Chopped Parsley / Cilantro
    2 TSB Curry Powder
    1/2 TSB Cayenne (Optional) for Heat
    2 TSP Salt Kosher
    Black Pepper Fresh Ground, to taste


    1. Combine all in a glass (nonreactive bowl)
    2. Rest at least 2 hours, In fridge

    Serve on Toasted Ciabatta, maybe with a fresh tomato (marble cutters) soup and a side salad for the full monte.