"It IS all about the TASTE"
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  • Culinary Lingus


    This little section will be talking about food, in specific one targeted food item, a veggie, a grain, a fruit, a meat, a fish or what ever. Taking that one specific item, doing some research on it, where it comes from, how to prepare it and what the “native” uses are for it.

    Consider walking down the veggie aisle in the local mega-mart and seeing a brightly colored piece of fruit and asking yourself, “What is that, and how would I cook it, and what would it taste like?” We’ll strive to take a global expedition by walking the aisles of your local food store.

    As a side note and the “inspiration” for this specific column ..

    I’ll not publicly smack the jerk, who said “He’d pass up an orgasm to talk about food!”, You know who you are, I am NOT that deaf, nor am I that slow, maybe, I’ll just stop inviting you to dinner. I.E. Your “Cut-Off”.

    A note to all:
    Roasting is not too good for my critics.”
    by Rogue Chef