"It IS all about the TASTE"
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  • It IS all about the TASTE!

    calories As I watch the vast waistland that is commercial cooking*1, I wonder what happened to cooking good food? I mean with all the health conscious*2 hype, and the food fads**3, etc, etc, How do you get a good meal, that actually tastes good?

    You now know what this is about …. THE TASTE !!!

    While I do not count calories, or lipids, or <insert unit of food rationing here>, I also DO NOT advocate Gluttony*4, I do advocate enjoying your food, from the purchase, to the preparation, to the consumption and of course the best thing about a very good meal is the sharing with friends and family. I usually throw the counting / rationing away for ONE MEAL A WEEK, and that spend a good potion of time in the preparation of that meal. As the saying goes, “Getting there is half the fun.”

    As one close associate said, “You are NOT a Glutton, you are however a hedonist.”… DAMN RIGHT, I do pursue pleasure of the senses, taste, scent, texture, all the things that make a GOOD TASTING MEAL*5.

    As I wander along in my pursuit of a GOOD TASTING MEAL, I’ll record recipes, techniques, ingredients, and comments about all the above.

    *1 By commercial cooking, I mean the rampaging Julia Childs wanna-be’s that parade on cable TV, hoping to impress their ideas on the viewers and pump up sales of their cookware, cookbooks, cooking utensils, kitchen gadgets, or at least drive one more customer to their over-priced, sloppy service, excretable product hash houses.

    *2 By health conscious, I mean all the random edicts from the US Government, various Universities, obscure health studies, and driviling morons of the medical kind, that declare with all seriousness, that BLAH, <insert name of food product here> is BLEH <insert good or bad here>, and can promote BLUH <insert cancer, low cholesterol, tooth decay, erectile dysfunction, or other medical sounding noun here>. If we listen to these “experts” we would be lead to believe that water causes cancer..

    *3 Not going there, you have a good idea of what would happen if I did ….

    *4 Gluttony – The inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

    *5 GOOD TASTING MEAL – Note, your taste may not match mine, so I’ll be selfish and use mine to judge my cooking, you use yours to judge yours …

    One Final Note – I am NOT a professional Chef, I have no desire to be a professional chef, I really do not want my own show on cable, nor am I medical professional, and nothing stated here is to be taken as medical, financial, or any other form of advise.

    Any mention of a product or service is NOT a recommendation or a criticism, it is SIMPLY MY VIEW POINT nothing more, and nothing less.

    I just want to enjoy my food …