In the late 1990’s and through 2017, I ran a technology training center for disadvantaged youth.  During those evening classes, I noticed my “students” leaving before the evening’s study was over.  After several weeks of this I called one of the students to task for this.  It was explained that if they did not get home for dinner, they did not eat that night.

My instinctive reaction was no one should have to choose between their future or their stomach.  I undertook the task of learning to cook.

Let us say that early efforts were not meet as a resounding success.  But as with all things, perseverance and practice paid off.

This “reboot” of the roguechef cooking blog is an effort to capture those experances and preserve them.

Whilst I no longer posses the grand kitchen above, and no longer have the need to feed 8-12 people per evening, I will make every attempt to keep the quality of the recipes to my standards.