Tex-Mex Lasagna

It being Cinco De Mayo, I’ll follow the rest of the USA and do something Tex-Mex. Not true Mexican, but “Gringo Mexican”, just as “Cinco De Mayo” is not a 

  Baked, Mex-Tex, Pub Food, Spring

Vindaloo Gravy / Sauce

I’m in a mood for food, but just not any food, food with a KICKASS taste. That to me says, Vindaloo. Tasty, spicy, FIREY. Just what I need to deal 



Whilst seeking food one evening, I wandered into a local wine bar. On the menu was a rather eclectic range of small plates, but one caught my eye, a potato 


Vegetable Curry

As my roommate and I have been left to fend for ourselves, whilst his better half goes a wandering, I’ll have to man up and deliver a bit of tucker.